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Meet the Snyder Hemband Applicator

The Snyder HemBand is a rubber band applicator that allows a physician to place a rubber band
at the base of the hemorrhoid, cutting off its blood flow, causing it to shrink and fall off.

Benefits of using our product:

No anesthesia, sedation, or medication is required prior to treatment.

The procedure is painless.

It has a great success rate.

A latex-free option is available for those allergic to latex.

Banding takes less than a minute.

Treatment is covered by most insurance providers.

How does Snyder Hemband work?

Using the Snyder HemBand, your physician will gently place a medical-grade rubber band around the base of your hemorrhoid. The soft rubber band generates compression around the hemorrhoid, reducing the blood supply, and causing it to shrink and eventually fall off.

Why is banding painless?

Banding is done above the “dentate line”, a section of the rectum with a very low number of pain-sensitive nerves. It’s also very comfortable because it takes your doctor less than a minute to apply the rubber band.

The rubber band causes the hemorrhoid to shrink away and fall off during a bowel movement, typically within 24 hours. In most cases, you won’t even notice the rubber band and hemorrhoids falling off.

Learn what to expect after banding.

Post-Treatment Care