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Join us on our mission to address one of the most undertreated conditions in gastroenterology.

One in three Americans has hemorrhoids on screening colonoscopy.

The SNYDER HemBand makes outpatient banding easier than ever.

Get trained in less than 1 hour.

Meet the HemBand applicator.

It takes less than 60 seconds to use the HemBand applicator to place a rubber band at the base of the hemorrhoid. Banding is the gold-standard of care because instead of treating symptoms, it safely and gently removes hemorrhoids themselves.

Fast and effective

Ligation (RBL) transforms quality of life for individuals suffering from hemorrhoids.

Training is simple

Gastroenterologists can be trained virtually in less than one hour.

Strong reimbursement

Banding is widely covered by every major insurance including Medicare and Medicaid.

Complimentary Training & Consultative Services

Founded by Healthcare Professionals, for Healthcare Professionals - our team is committed to helping your clinic be a hemorrhoid treatment center of excellence in your community.

This requires a comprehensive approach of physician training, staff training, and marketing best-practices. Whether you are new to HemBand, or are an existing customer, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Reimbursement Guide

Billing for hemorrhoid banding is simple using CPT code 46221.

It can be billed along with an office visit or consult, without affecting reimbursement of the visit or consult.

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